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We recommend these activities in Liepaja and its vicinity for anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing weekend and indulge themselves in gastronomic delights or experience more thrilling sensations.

Sunbathe on Liepaja beach

Liepājas pludmaleThe 8 km long strip along the Baltic coast is a great place to enjoy warm summer days. This beach is an excellent spot to go looking for amber. We recommend challenging yourself and taking the most epic photo you can with the "Liepaja" sign located right by the shore.


Attend a concert in the Great Amber

Koncertzāle Liepāja Lielais dzintarsInclude a visit to the Concert Hall Great Amber in your weekend trip to Liepaja, where you will be able to enjoy high-quality cultural and artistic events.


See the fortification

Ziemeļu forti LiepājāLiepāja Fortress Battery No. 3 of the forts washed into the sea is a favorite place for photographers. The most important part of Liepaja Naval Fortress is Redans, where the most decisive freedom fights for the independence of Latvia took place, defending Liepaja against Bermont's troops. Whereas Battery No. 1 is the most impressive part of the fortification.


Relax in the Olympic Centre’s pool and spa

Liepājas olimpiskā centra baseinsLiepaja Olympic Centre is the largest and most modern pool and SPA centre in Kurzeme with a relaxation area, water massages, bubble baths, three types of saunas, a water amusement area for children, two swimming pools and much more.


Challenge your inner Tarzan

Liepājas TarzānsAdventure Park Liepaja Tarzan is an amazing place where you can overcome obstacle courses located in treetops. You will be able to overcome more than 100 different obstacles on eight obstacle courses.


Gastronomic delights in Liepaja

In Liepaja you will find excellent restaurants and charming cafes that will provide a true gastronomic experience. There are also several cafes where you can observe the magnificence of crashing waves and watch the sun setting over the sea while drinking delicious coffee!


Liepaja Holy Trinity Cathedral

Liepājas Trīsvienības baznīcaThe Holy Trinity Cathedral houses the world's largest unreconstructed mechanical organ, the amazing sound of which you can enjoy during the International Organ Music Festival, which takes place every September. You can also visit the Cathedral to view Liepaja’s panorama from the 55-metre-high church tower.


Thrilling experiences in Karosta Prison

Karostas cietumsIn the only military prison in Europe available to tourists, you can find out how prisoners lived, how it feels to be confined in a cell, and look at the exhibited relics from different eras and ruling powers. In Karosta Prison you can enjoy the reality show "Behind bars" and the game "Escape room", whereas real thrill seekers can spend the night in a prison cell.



Take a trip to the nature park "Pape"

Dabas parks PapeOnly 30 minutes away from Liepaja, you can reach the pastures of wild horses and aurochs in the nature park "Pape", hike on various nature trails and watch the sea by Pape lighthouse – another spot adored by photographers.

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