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Outdoor activities

Take advantage of the varied active recreation options in Latvia. You can go to Livu Aquapark in Jurmala, which is one of the largest water amusement parks in Northern Europe, to enjoy swimming pools, saunas and the water slides and tubes. Both children and adults will have fun down the slides.

You can test your endurance and have a good time at Tarzans, adventure park located in Sigulda. There are more than 100 different elements placed in the trees of the park, up to 20 meters above the ground.

Thrill seekers themselves can choose the level of difficulty and excitement. Or you can try and take a long-distance hike near the sea or through Latvian forests.

In spring you can enjoy a boat trip on popular Gauja River, known for its beautiful sandstone outcrops. In winter you can go skiing, enjoying nature wrapped in a cover of snow.

Get acquainted with the varied active recreation opportunities and pick your most favorite one.

Zērglis Siguldā
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Activities for lovers of the extreme and adventures

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Travel by bike

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Long-distance hiking trails
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Long-distance hiking trails

Many enjoy longer or shorter hikes, especially in the summer. Various types of hiking trails are becoming more and more popular and sought-...
Laivošana pa upi
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Water tourism in Latvia

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Green Railways in Latvia
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Green Railways in Latvia

Greenways are the routes that are established using the former railway lines. Green Railways are the greenways network in Northern Latvia...
Makšķerēšana Latvijā/ Fishing in Latvia
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Fishing in Latvia

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Winter sports

Even though Latvia is not a land of mountains, skiing is a popular wintertime activity. Latvia’s terrain is generally suitable for cross-...
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