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East Latvia (Latgale)

Latgale is called the “Land of the Blue Lakes” for a reason - there are lakes almost at every turn. But what makes this region so special are the traditions and hospitable people of Latgale! That is why we have gathered 10 tourist attractions that perfectly describe Latgale.

Aglona Bread Museum

Aglona is famous not only for the Aglona Basilica, the centre of Latvian Catholicism, but also for its Bread Museum.

At the Bread Museum, you can bake your own bread with a Latgalian hostess and, if you book in advance, enjoy a feast according to the best Latgalian traditions. The table will be bursting with food and bellies will be full.


Numernes valnis

Numernes valnis

The nature park “Numernes valnis” is a NATURA 2000 territory, established in 2004.

 The nature park has an observation tower that is 20 metres high, from which you can enjoy a wide panorama. Two stargazing chairs have been installed next to the observation tower, which will allow you to see the beautiful panorama during the day and help nature lovers catch the shooting stars at nightfall.

The marked local cycle route No 776 takes cyclists through the most beautiful parts of the nature park and allows them to enjoy the hilly terrain of the “Numernes valnis”. While visiting the nature park, you can also visit the nearby Malnavas home restaurant, distillery “Latgolys Šmakovkā” and the park for recreation “Zīdūņs”.




Napoleon failed to conquer what was once Dinaburg, but Daugavpils can win your heart. Shoot an arrow at the Daugavpils pellet factory, find a muse at the Mark Rothko Art Centre and create dream figures at the ceramics workshops.

Find out what else is exciting to explore and experience in Daugavpils.


Ruins of Ludza medieval castle


We recommend visiting Ludza just before the Midsummer’s Eve during the Great Latgalian Market, when the Ludza Castle Mound becomes the epicenter of Latgalian farmers. Fresh bread, liquor shmakovka, Latgalian bacon, clay pitchers and cloths are all available for purchase during the holyday.


"Daugavas Loki" Nature Park

Daugavas loki

Take a two-day boat trip from Kraslava to Daugavpils and enjoy all 9 Daugava arches, where the pristine nature is preserved. The calm flow of the Daugava and the vastness of nature will allow you to disconnect from everyday worries and enjoy the lazy trip.


Līvāni Glass Museum


The glassblowing workshop of the Latgale Arts and Crafts Centre has revived a tradition of glassblowing that dates back more than 100 years. In the workshop you will have the opportunity to take a look at the glass-making process, learn the secrets of glassmaking technology and feel the miracle of the transformation of hot glass mass in the hands of an experienced glass master.

After visiting museum, we recommend crossing the Daugava by ferry and exploring Selija.


Velnezers Lake


Not many ghost stories can compete with the legends of Velnezers Lake or Čertoks.

The lake has never been inhabited by people, as it is impossible to stay near it for long, and even fish and aquatic plants do not like Čertoks. However, its blue-green water is particularly photogenic.


Miniature kingdom and puppet gallery in Preili

More than 300 different puppet characters are on display in the extensive puppet gallery. Angels, wizards, princesses, witches, fairytale characters and even portraits of famous people, these diverse characters all come together under one roof at the artist Vladlena.

After seeing the puppets, young and old alike can dress up in the luxurious costumes of princesses and princes


Andrupene farmstead


This is a proper Latgalian farmstead with centuries-old buildings and an unfailing warmth in hosting the visitors. When you come to Andrupene, be sure to book a feast and enjoy the potato pudding, dumplings, liquor shmakovka, freshly baked bread and cultured butter.

After a delicious meal, we recommend to have a short walk along the bog trail.


Vilaka Lake island

Viļaka Latgale

One of the longest pontoon bridges in Latvia leads to the island of Lake Vilaka, which is a beautiful way to reach the island of the lake. There is a new 442 metre long walking trail around the island.


These are just a few ideas for rediscovering Latgale. If you want to plan your holiday trip around Latvia, we recommend you use the route planner.

For more information on exploring Latgale, visit the Latgale Region Tourism Association website!

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Regions of Latvia

Latvia is divided into 4 regions: Vidzeme (home to the capital Riga), Kurzeme, Zemgale, and Latgale.
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