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Visit Latvia to enjoy strolling pristine Gauja National Park, hit the beach in the resort city of Jurmala, or get an adrenaline rush at the Aerodium vertical wind tunnel.

See one of Latvia’s architectural, cultural and historic gems by visiting Rundale Palace, an exquisite Baroque and Rococo-style edifice, and experience Latvian culture firsthand by seeing some of the outstanding productions at the Latvian National Opera and Ballet.

This is just a small portion of what Latvia has to offer.

Ģimenes izbrauciens ar riteņiem
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Outdoor activities

Take advantage of the varied active recreation options in Latvia. You can go to Livu Aquapark in Jurmala, which is one of the largest water...
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The cultural and historic heritage of Latvian architecture spans many centuries, from authentic rural homesteads to unique samples of...
Cilvēki tautastērpos
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With Latvia being located on the crossroads between Western and Eastern cultures, and having a history of tumultuous developments, it is...
Turaidas muzejrezervāts
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To say that Latvia boasts pristine nature is no exaggeration, which means that many options are available for green tourism - simple walks...
Spa and Wellness
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Wellbeing in Latvia

 We’re sure that a lot of you could benefit from getting out of the house, changing the scenery, and clearing your mind from all the mental...
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