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“Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga” and other hotels in 2017


Highly anticipated, it has finally happened — for the first time the luxury hotel chain “Kempinski” has opened a hotel in the city centre, and it is taking place in Riga.

Built in the 19th century as a hotel building specifically, the monumental structure of the luxurious five-star hotel “Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga” has been named amongst the most majestic hotels located in the verdant boulevard circle of the Old town for several decades.

In order to remove the last vestiges of Soviet era and to reconstruct the building according to modern standards, the building on Aspazijas street 22 was closed for many years.

As of autumn, 2017, “Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga” welcomes its first guests, contributing to the variety of hotels in Riga with the second hotel of the Kempinski chain in the Baltic States, aside of Vilnius.

The hotel has 141 guest rooms, the smallest of which is 35 m2. The 300 m2 wide Presidential Suite, including a sauna and a grand piano, spreads throughout the entire 7th floor. The guests of the hotel are provided with full amenities (for example, each room has both a bath and a shower, etc.) according to the “Kempinski” standard, not to mention the exceptional view from the window.

Upon entering the hotel, the spacious and beautiful historic lobby with upholstered furniture is unveiled. There are 2 restaurants and 3 bars in the hotel, and a SPA centre in the basement where the once popular bar “Skapis” used to be in the Soviet times. The premises that once hosted the restaurant “Riga” have been transformed into multiple conference halls overlooking the garden in front of the Opera house.

The director of the hotel George G. Ganchev has said: “We have to make an effort so that the hotel meets the expectations of the society, to protect the values of the “Kempinski” brand and to cover the investments of the hotel owners.”

Year 2016 when the “Pullman Riga Old Town” was opened and year 2017 will make history in the hotel industry of Riga, and be remembered for welcoming brilliant international brands and increasing diversity of the city’s hotels.

 For example, two new small hotels unattached to any hotel brands were opened in the heart of the Old town in 2017, the personalized atmosphere and small amount of rooms unite to create a perfect environment to stay overnight and rest.

The new “Redstone Boutique Hotel” is located next to St. Peter's Church on Skārņu street 11. The architects of the building received the annual Latvian Architecture Award “The silver pineapple”.

There are 11 spacious guest rooms overlooking Old Riga in the artisan hotel with the red brick façade which matches the tint of St. Peter's Church perfectly. There are 2 restaurants in the building and a terrace on the roof, providing many pleasant opportunities for pastime and socialising.

Given away by its name, “Le Chevalier Relais” is a French style hotel.  The building located on Kaļķu street 20 in the Old Riga, right beside the Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre, has smelled of medicine for many centuries. An apothecary of a German doctor and a biologist was located here, and a royal title was bestowed upon it by king Charles XI himself.

There are 23 guest rooms in “Le Chevalier Relais”, a Calvados bar on the first floor, and a small boutique selling exquisite French accessories and gifts. French style breakfast is served on the romantic roof floor.

The variety of hotels is steadily growing in other parts of Latvia as well. For example, the hotel “Villa Santa” in Cēsis, Gaujas street 88, is the perfect space for rest and relaxation. The hotel is situated in a former hospital, next to a beautiful park, surrounded by a forest. There are 23 guest rooms and a conference hall with the capacity of 150 guests. The interior design and the food at the restaurant will delight even the pickiest gourmands.