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Attractions for families travelling with children

One of the best ways to spend time together with the family, is travelling. New experiences are accumulated and the adventures are shared together. When planning your next trip, definitely consider Latvia as your destination. It is a place that offers a rich choice of various opportunities for active recreation – both entertaining and educational in nature, as well as indoors. Most importantly – these opportunities can be enjoyed by the entire family together.

At the destinations, as well as on the way there, delicious meals can be enjoyed in cafes and restaurants, as well as souvenirs can be purchased as a memory of your trip. Choose the one you enjoy the best!

Tērvete Nature Park is a fabulous place that can be enjoyed both by children and by adults, when exploring it. Currently the nature park covers an area of more than 1200 ha, where it is possible to explore the Fairy Tale Forest, the Dwarf Village and the Land of Kurbads. It’s also possible to visit Annele ZOO, Net Park, Amusement Park “Tarzāns”, go on a ride in the fairy tale train or enjoy a picnic in nature.



The limitless imagination of Baron Munchhausen and his intriguing personality have inspired writers to create excellent stories. These stories and the Baron himself are brought to life at Munchausen Museum in Dunte Manor. Here, entertainment and leisure opportunities are offered for children and adults – everyone can go together for walks along the Forest or Beer Cup Trail, explore the personality of Munchausen via the museum exhibits and try out the amusement boat or shooting range. 

Zaļa pļava pie Minhauzena muzeja


The closeness of nature and the noblest animals of the forest – deer – can be explored in Safari Park More. A 1.5-kilometer-long trail is located there that will take approximately 40-60 minutes to walk. The park can be visited alone, as well as accompanied by a guide. Here the deer are already accustomed to people; therefore, it is not only possible to see them running around the meadows, but also to see them very close, to feed them by hand and also to take pictures. Organic feed can be purchased for the deer before the tour.

Safari parks


One of the brightest memories of each family is a joint visit to the zoo. At Riga Zoo and its branch “Cīruļi” a wide variety of species of mammals, amphibians, birds and fish can be viewed. The Tropical House and the African Savannah are especially interesting objects at Riga Zoo, where you can see animals living in their respective environments in one place.

Tīģeris Rīgas zoo


Ventspils Water Adventure Park offers active recreation opportunities for the entire family – large and small swimming pools, gym, aerobics hall and water amusement complex. In addition, the park offers to experience extreme moments in the artificial wave pool and slides, as well as energy restoring relaxation at the SPA complex.

Ūdens parks


If you’d like to discover significant locations, hidden corners and learn new information together as a family, then you should definitely take part in Roadgames – scavenger hunt games for adventurers. The interactive games allow you to explore the urban environment, as well as various attractions in the far corners of nature. All you have to do is download the app and find the best challenge for your family.


If adrenaline is what unites your family, you should definitely visit the largest adventure park in the Baltics “Tarzāns”. Everyone will be able to enjoy many adventures there, as “Tarzāns” offers activities such as the obstacle park, toboggan run, chair lift, tube sledding, trampoline park, children’s safari and much more! 

Taka kokos


Līvu Aquapark is a water adventure park and relaxation place located a short drive from the centre of Riga. It is also one of the largest water parks in all of Northern Europe. Functionally it is divided into four areas: active entertainment on slides, peaceful family recreation, SPA complex and outdoor summer beach. It is guaranteed – every member of the family will find something to do in Līvu Aquapark!

Līvu akvaparks


What could be more natural than going barefoot in nature? This is exactly the entertainment offered by Valguma World. Barefoot Trail is a specially created path that winds through the forest and consists of rocks, pebbles, cones, trees, moss and other elements to enjoy walking barefoot. And, in Valguma World, the entertainment can continue for more than a couple of hours, as here it is possible to stay overnight in a hotel, have dinner in the restaurant, warm up in the sauna or go on a boat ride on Lake Valgums.

Basām kājām pa zemi


Amusement Park “Avārijas Brigāde” will take the entire family to another world. In the exciting amusement park you can walk along the Dinosaur Nature Trail, catch exciting sensations in one of the many carousels, play a laser tag game, get yourself wet in the water playground, complete a rope track or explore the city of “Avārijas Brigāde”. As well as celebrate the day with a great dinner at the park restaurant!

Dinozaura eksponāts atpūtas parkā


Children get to know themselves best by exploring nature. The Park of Senses of River Gauja Steep Banks is one of the best places to do it. In the forests of Valmiera, on the bank of the River Gauja, the entire family can go on the Barefoot Trail, the Net Park, the Trail in the Trees, the running track, play volleyball on Daliņš Beach or enjoy a walk and picnic on the steep banks of the River Gauja. 

Ģimene atpūšas


If you’d like to create a new family tradition, seek adventures in the nature parks of Latvia every weekend. Here we have created a collection of different trails and parks, where the entire family can gather to be closer to nature and closer to each other.

Ģimene atpūšas


The higher, the merrier! Such feelings can be enjoyed by the entire family at Līgatne Net Park. In this park, at a height of 4-7 metres, there are safe labyrinths of nets installed up in the trees. You can explore them, run in them, swing in them, climb in them or simply lay down and relax there. One thing is for sure – everyone will enjoy their time there!

Tīklu parks kokos


Vējiņi Underground Lakes are the only sandstone cave of such type in the Baltics. This is a great adventure for true explorers of nature. Two mysterious caves with clear water, dark ravines, sandstone outcrops, huge pits and steep shores – this is what awaits you, if you are brave enough to explore Vējiņi Underground Lakes. The underground tour is only available with a guide.


What exactly is a marmot? A marmot is the biggest ground squirrel, which is particularly famous for its winter hibernation and loud hissing. You and your family can find out this and much more at Marmot Farm “Jaunstuči”, where you can take a closer look at marmots themselves and learn more about how these animals live, what they eat and why they sleep so long during winters.



A nature trail has been created in Ieriķi Mill, which embodies the power of nature, combining mysticism with romance. In the territory of Gauja National Park in Latvia, a nature trail with several waterfalls has been created on the banks of the faster River Meldrupīte. Remember to look carefully at the waterfalls – they tend to hide stone faces in them!

Ūdenskritums un pastaigu taka


There is at least one sweet tooth in every family. This person, as well as others, will have a great holiday at Laima Chocolate Museum. Here you will not only find out how chocolate bars are made from cocoa fruit, but you will also be able to take a look into the history of sweets and literally taste it!

Ģimene šokolādes muzejā

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