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South Latvia (Zemgale)

Zemgale is a region which is located in the southern part of Latvia. Most of Zemgale is flat, which is what sets it apart from the other regions in Latvia that have both highlands and deep river valleys.

Zemgale is proud to have fertile fields that have ensured the development of the region for many centuries now. One can see wonderfully lavish castles and get familiarised with the history of Zemgale, as well as enjoy the scenery and take part in various activities.

We recommend visiting the following better or lesser known tourism objects, in order to get to know Zemgale.

Dobele Castle

The stone castle of the Livonian Order is the oldest building in Dobele and a monument of national cultural importance. This place has recently undergone reconstruction - the chapel of Dobele’s Livonian Order castle, as well as the square in the castle’s territory, have been rebuilt. If you are planning to visit Dobele, we recommend that you walk through the historic market square.


Nature Park in Tērvete

Venture into the fairy tale world in Tērvete and meet the characters of Latvian fairy tales. A wonderfully spent day for you and your family, in the Latvian forest nature park in Tērvete, will be guaranteed.


“Nākotnes parks” (Park of the Future)

Those who are interested are welcome to explore “Nākotnes parks” and be immersed in an exciting and inspiring excursion. During the tour you will be able to visit the antiques storage and the crafts shop “Time machine”, where you will see industrial vintage items and a retro car collection with practically all serial vehicles produced by Riga motor factory “Sarkanā zvaigzne” (Red Star). Visitors will also be able to see the helicopter airfield “Future Wings” and the helicopter service centre.

The jewel of “Nākotnes parks” is the apple orchard “Apples and bees” where there are walking trails, a play area for children, various shelters and areas for relaxation. There you can go for a walk, get to know the diversity of nature, as well as have a picnic in the apple orchard.



Currently, the historic lime-kiln building is open for viewing. The two floors of this unique industrial building with a massive chimney in its centre can each be accessed; the chimney itself can be looked at from the inside. On the second floor, there is an exhibition room where historical bricks are exhibited.


“Mazā muiža” Manor

The creative space in the “Mazā muiža” manor has been given a new lease of life and now hosts a collection of historically accurate reproductions of costumes and accessories, which has taken 15 years to create. Mazā muiža exhibition hall is open to visitors and allows them to follow the progress of fashion starting from the second half of the 18th century up until the end of the 19th century.


Ausekļi Mill

If you wish to take a photo to commemorate your trip around Zemgale, then head to Ausekļi Mill - there you will not only be able to see the process of milling grains (coarse grinding and making of pearl barley and groats), but also take beautiful pictures by the mill.


Bauska Town Hall and the Old Town

Bauska Town Hall is located in the heart of Bauska’s Old Town, in the town hall square. There you can see expositions, take part in excursions and purchase special souvenirs.



Likteņdārzs (Garden of Destiny) is a symbol made in nature that represents the ceaseless growth and renewal of the nation - here is where the past, the present and the future of both the human and the country meet. The excellent architecture of the landscape fuses with the beauty of the nature of Koknese peninsula and the River Daugava. People’s garden is made by an alley of apple trees and a cobbled stone pathway, which leads to an amphitheater surrounded by oak trees standing guard, however the view from the observation terrace reveals the wonderful scenery of the Daugava and the church of Koknese.


Koknese Castle Ruins and Park

In Koknese Park there are remains of the medieval Koknese Castle, but in one of the park’s ponds you will find a replica of Perseus Waterfall, which is freely accessible to be viewed during the day, and is lit during the evening and night hours. Nearby is the reconstructed Devil’s Cellar and swings. After the visit to the park you can take a walk down the Koknese nature trail - it inspires and surprises in every season!


The Mecca of Skriveru Sweets

“Skriveru saldumi” are confectionary producers, who make popular sweets such as “Skrīveru Gotiņa” (Skriveru fudge) and other treats. The company has created the “Factory of Emotions”, where you can go and familiarise yourself with the history of creating “Gotiņa”, wrap your own sweets and purchase freshly made, all natural sweets directly from the production line.

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